Arlette Gold spotted in Card and Gift Network

This mention is a throwback to December 2018 when we were featured in the Card & Gift Network's Christmas Gift Guide. Card and Gift Network is an online space bringing together designers, makers, publishers and retailers. It showcases a world of greetings, giftware and stationery.  

Thank you to founder Charlotte Biggs for her support!

One of this Idol Ring set of two stacking rings features a geometric, black-crystal triangle detail that locks neatly into the other ring’s inverted V shape. Supercool and unusual, these rings are perfect to wear alone, together, or with multiple other pieces. Made by designer Shlomit Ofir in Israel.

We love Shlomit Ofir and we are proud to be their only British stockist. The diversity in the designer's collections is exceptional for an independent designer crafting by hand. Whether you want a rock ’n’ roll edge for yourself, or a pretty piece for a young girl, there is something for all tastes. We no longer stock this ring set (it was a popular piece in 2018!) but I urge you to check out our current collection.