Arlette Gold spotted in Eurostar's Metropolitan Magazine

We were beyond happy to see Arlette Gold featured in Eurostar's September/October Metropolitan Magazine, on board until the end of the month. Huge thank you to Editor Kerry Smith.

Art-inspired jewellery is certainly hot. These large, brass, statement Face Studs in the shape of a face echo the lines of 20th century painters, but still look clean and modern. Are those tears of joy, of sorrow, or even blood streaming from the eyes? Make up a different story each day. 

Handmade in Bristol by Lima Lima Jewellery founder and designer Rhi Hart, the sterling silver ear posts are suitable for sensitive ears. 

"Properly affordable costume jewellery from a curated selection of independent designers"

"Des bijoux fantaisie abordables et pour tous les goûts sur ce site dédié aux créatures indépendants"