Arlette Gold spotted in the Daily Mail - Zoom back to the '80s this WFT winter!

As we headed back into lockdown on the 2nd November 2020, Shane Watson shared her advice in the Daily Mail on how to update our Work From Home wardrobes and it was all about ramping up our accessories. Having fun and giving our look some 1980s polish? This has to be one of our favourite features yet!

Shane writes of three ways to approach working from home — Full 1980s Bling, the New Sloane Ranger or the French Look.  All three involved gold earrings and rings and we were delighted to see our FL Private Collection Wrap Scroll Ring featured. Thank you Shane!

Wrapping around your finger like a cuff, this feather-light design is created using thin leaves of bronze, hammered for an artisan finish. The yellow gold is one of our all-time favourite shades.