Arlette Gold Spotted in The Guardian Weekend's (printed) Christmas Gift Guide

We are so delighted to see nine of our pieces featured in The Guardian Weekend's Christmas Gift Guide this year! Another huge heartfelt thank you to Nina Trickey. We are in such great company too - rocking alongside other jewellery brands Wolf & Moon, Toolally, Tatty Devine, Pull and Bear, Missoma and Cos Stores to name a few.

(5) Pichulk Ndebele Bracelet

These simple, colourful strands of rope decorated with braids, cottons, waxed cord and sash cord contrast and clash a multitude of colours and textures and really pop against bare skin. Handmade in South Africa.

(6) Gold LOL OMG Studs

We literally can't get enough of these unique and quirky studs by designer Laviandbelle. Adding attitude to your lobes they are firmly in our Teenage Gift Guide.

(7) Silver Pebble Necklace

This pebble-shaped necklace reminds us of beachy days spent hunting for lucky, sea-worn stones with holes. Designed by Wildthings Collectables' Leanne and handmade in Bali.

(10) Gold Flat Circle Ring Set

A versatile, unusual set of rings by London designer A Weathered Penny. Arrange this trio on one finger in various combinations, scatter the rings across your hand, or use them to add drama to stacks.


(12) Bling Ring

Individually sculpted and hand-painted, no two pieces of Ruby Pilven's are the same. Her trademark muted pastel colours with eye-catching, 12-carat gold highlights make each ring pop, with a fresh take on traditional chintz. Handmade in Australia.

** Following the wonderful feature we are experiencing a fantastic interest in Ruby's work. We have many more of Ruby's Ceramic Bangles and Bling Rings (in a variety of sizes) in stock and we are working really hard to get images of each up on the site! If you're interested in Ruby's work please do send us an email and we will reply within 12 hours **

(14) Gold Flower Power Ring

Determinedly a middle finger ring (make of that what you will), Wildthings’ clever juxtaposition of organic petals and tuff-girl chunkiness is dripping in attitude. Deeply glamorous, this statement ring is not for wallflowers. Handmade in Bali.

(15) Fauvism Small Black Earrings 

These Sibilia earrings are named for the colour-conscious, simple abstracts of the Fauvism art movement and are as much art as jewellery. Designed and hand-made in the Abasto neighbourhood of Buenos Aires – the birthplace of tango.

(16) Puzzle Ring

Elegant and beautiful, this ring has a hidden secret – it’s a puzzle too. The four separate rings can be worn in different configurations for fresh looks, but all fit inside the circle in only one way. Endlessly fascinating, it makes a perfect engagement ring or a gift for a special occasion. Handmade, by designer High Society Collection, in Oregon.

(27) Gold Arrow Ring

Incredibly fine and delicate, this ring's geometric arrow shape sits proud of the band, and has an art deco feel, but with a modern, matt finish. Made by Retrospective Jewellery in the UK.