Arlette Gold spotted in The Independent's IndyBest

We are hugely excited to be featured in The Independent's IndyBest this week with our Shlomit Ofir Designs Ziggy Bracelet.

“Valentines: 10 best jewellery gifts under £100” 

Journalist Amy Lewis has put together an inspired collection of jewellery gift ideas when you're working to a budget. "Whether you're shopping for a lover friend or other, and regardless of whether you're intimately acquainted with their jewellery tastes or just working with a rough idea... our guide has something for everyone" Amy says. We especially love this as the whole premise for Arlette Gold was a "something for everyone" approach. Delighted to be in such great company too.

"While Bowie fans will love Israeli designer Shlomit Offier’s Ziggy Stardust reference, the lightning bolt motif is an ideal gift for those who don’t go in for fussy styles or sparkling gems.  Fusing delicate jewellery with a celestial, rock and roll energy, this well-executed piece comes with an unexpectedly wallet-friendly price tag too" says Amy.

Thank you thank you Amy - this small business is doing a definite happy dance!