Arlette Gold spotted in Candis Magazine

Another huge thank you to Justine Brennan, Candis' Fashion and Beauty Editor, for featuring us again in the magazine's August issue.

Seen to the right in the lead image is our Just Trade Coastal Anchor PendantMade by the women of the Flowering Desert Project in Tamil Nadu, India – employment that’s fairly paid, and with training – this anchor-shaped pendant adds a jaunty nautical touch to your look. Whether you’re a cheeky pirate, a dashing yacht fan, or seaside lover, you’ll feel closer to the waves wearing this iconic piece. Handmade from brass sheet and planished using a hammer, this textured necklace will shine at night and add personality during the day.

Hiding on the left is one of our Ruby Pilven Ceramic Bling Rings. Individually sculpted and hand-painted, no two pieces of Ruby’s are the same. Her trademark muted pastel colours with eye-catching, 12-carat gold highlights make each ring pop, with a fresh take on traditional chintz.

Featured in the middle image above is our Blue Pulp Ring Round and gold 36" Flat Snake Necklace.

Quazi Design's sustainable and ingenious ring is handmade by artisans in Swaziland from waste recycled newspaper pulp and varnished, coloured clay. These pieces of jewellery have real heart and soul, each is unique and tells its own, thoughtful story.  Sarah Cavender's striking necklaces are made from woven wire which she hammers, forms, solders and plates and paints by hand. These snake chains are available in gold and silver and in two lengths – a short-scale 15" and a more dramatic 36". Their industrial inspiration shines brightly; solid and classic but still delicate enough to wear in the day. 

Featured to the right is our Marble Latitude Bangle from designer Lia BGorgeously simple, yet with enough handmade texture and detail to make it stand-out, this minimal bracelet is crafted from black polymer resin and brass or marble and brass.