Chocs Away! Easter Without the Sugar Rush

Easter is on its way, and shop shelves are groaning with chocolate eggs. The egg is an ancient symbol of fertility and rebirth. Many pagan cultures held spring festivals, and one of these, in Northern Europe, was in honor of Eostre, the fertility goddess of dawn and light. Eostre imagery involved hares and rabbits; rabbits are a symbol of new life and renewal as they tend to give birth to big litters. So the church incorporated the Easter egg-laying bunny into its Easter imagery. 

The first Easter eggs were hen or duck eggs decorated at home with brightly coloured vegetable dye and charcoal. Egg-shaped toys appeared in the 17th and 18th century; satin-covered cardboard eggs filled with gifts in the Victorian era. The first chocolate eggs were made in France and Germany in the 19th Century. The earliest Cadbury chocolate eggs were made of dark chocolate in 1875, and by 1893 the brand had 19 different lines.

Today, for many, Easter is all about chocolate. Chocolate and sweets in huge, sugary quantities, in over-the-top, Easter-themed packing. But it doesn’t have to be. Perhaps your child simply doesn’t like chocolate, maybe they’re allergic to it; or perhaps you don’t fancy a sugar-fuelled, sticky-fingered frenzy. You don’t have to grab an armful of Easter eggs this holiday, even if you’re buying for children. We have rounded up our best Easter gifts for children that will excite and delight; presents that will last longer than 5 minutes. Be an extraordinary Easter bunny – you can always make like a Victorian and package yours in an egg. 

Miffy Bunny Rabbit Bow Necklace, Zana Zelephant

Tagua Rabbit Pendant, Just Trade

Wooden Rabbit Earrings, Brainbow

Pop Cutie's brightly coloured Japanese style collection, which all come in an exciting acrylic gift box.