Classic Jewellery Staples

We all have our staple clothing wardrobe pieces: a favourite pair of jeans, ankle boots, and black dress year-round; flip flops and sunnies in the summer; cardigan and woolly hat in the winter. When you buy the classics you’re willing to invest, knowing you’ll get the wear out of them year on year. 

But why don’t we apply this same logic to jewellery? Just like a trusted fashion basic, jewellery has the ability to enhance your character and mood, boosting your confidence when you wear a piece that works. So why not start to create your own, everyday, capsule jewellery collection?

Here are some ideas to start you off – of course they going to vary from person to person so we would love to hear what your essential pieces are!  Let us know. 

A pair of studs – light, elegant, understated and effortlessly chic, suitable for any and every occasion. Our favourites at Arlette Gold are Wolf and Moon’s engraved and painted diamond studs in midnight blue or dusky pink, handmade in London. 
    An everyday necklace – easy and comfortable to wear all day, and which can be dressed up or down. It’s even more special if it means something very personal to you. Roz Beurhlen’s rose pendant necklace, inspired by classic nautical tattoos symbolises someone close to the wearer’s heart. Choose from gold- or silver-plated. Handmade in Kent. 
      A simple metal bangle – our dream wrist staple has to be a classic design with a minimal aesthetic that goes with everything. We love Made’s clean line bangle, in brass or silver, made by artisans in Kenya.  Wear alone for an understated look, or in stacks with others for more drama. 
        Stacking rings – build your story with multiple rings on one or more fingers. Mix sizes and metals; and let your collection grow organically.  This trend is everywhere on the fashion pages right now, but we think it is timeless.   Wear A Weathered Penny’s delicate and versatile stacking, chevron and ball rings with Serendipity’s elegant geometric square and rectangle rings in black or white, and throw in a dramatic Made cage ring to finish the look.  London-meets-South Korea-meets-Kenya.
          Hoop earrings – simple hoops can instantly dress up your jeans-and-a-T uniform, or add a glam sheen to your evening look.  We love WorldFinds’ brushed hoop earrings in a sterling silver plated finish, handmade in Indonesia.  Alternate this elegant design with something with a hint of futurism, perhaps Evgenia Elkind’s innovative take on the classic design, embellished by a simple, blown-glass sphere, handmade in Turin.
            Statement ring – everyone needs an eye-catching-but-timeless ring. Emma Aitchison’s cyclone ring is dramatic and bold, made in London with interwoven metals, and you can wear one with everything. For a more colourful look, Quazi Design’s fascinating pebble rings, handmade by artisans in Swaziland from layers of recycled magazines, feature a large flat disc of bold hues, layered in rings on a recycled brass base.  Lightweight and easy to wear.

               And, with the absence of a hefty price tag, you can wear, really enjoy, and ‘own’ your piece, without worrying about losing it.