Designer Spotlight: Anna Rosa Moschouti

Where do you find inspiration?

 I think it is safe to say that my inspiration comes from architecture and interior design. I find all the different textures and materials in our built environment highly intriguing and I’m constantly looking for ways to connect my jewerly pieces to architecture. 

What is your “go to” piece of jewellery at the moment?

Earrings! I wear a different pair everyday and I can’t get enough of them. I love how they can enrich a look without adding much make-up or doing much with your hair.

Do you have a morning or evening ritual?

Every morning I wake up at 7.15am and send my boyfriend off to work. I usually have my coffee and breakfast while catching up on news and then I walk our dog around the neighbourhood. Although I am a morning person for sure I enjoy starting my days slowly. It is by far my favourite time of the day and I love having these simple, quite moments all to myself. 

What is your earliest jewellery memory?

I don’t have many memories from when I was really really young that relate to jewellery, but I always loved my moms jewellery pieces. And it is very sweet that my mom has already started sharing her heirlooms and unique pieces with me :)

Do you have a favourite quote or saying?

Community over competition!

What is your idea of “a perfect Sunday”?

Sundays are my favourite! I love hanging out with my boyfriend, making and having breakfast as home, taking walks around the city buying fresh flowers. I love going to our local cinema or maybe having friends over for board games. I don’t mind the specifics - as long as I am chilling and relaxing with people I love.

Which country is next on your bucket list?

Oh so many! The top three are Japan, Iceland and Mexico.

What is your favourite food?

I love Thai food :)

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