Designer spotlight: Shlomit Ofir

Where do you find inspiration?

I love travelling and have been travelling and living in other countries since I was a girl. New places, scenery and culture always inspire me, but sometimes it's even just the distance from daily routine that clears my mind and makes the ideas flow.

What is your “go to” piece of jewellery at the moment?

A gypsy necklace from my SS 2019 collection is one of my recent favorites. It's colourful, fun and upgrades any outfit.

Do you have a morning / evening ritual?

There isn't really a ritual (unless waking up too early with two young kids is considered one), but I love arriving at my studio in the morning, after the chaos of getting everyone ready in time is over, making a cup of coffee and starting my day peacefully.

What is your earliest jewellery memory?

When I was 12, one of my favorite aunts who I had a very strong connection with, gave me a wooden box filled with special beads from all over the world. The creations that came out of this box were the first jewellery pieces I designed, with many to come over the years. Sadly, my aunt passed away a few years ago. I often think of her, and the role she played in directing my life path. 

Do you have a favourite quote or saying?

"Don't regret things you have done."

What is your idea of “a perfect Sunday”?

Here in Israel our weekend is on Friday and Saturday. A perfect Saturday for me is a day with good weather, family, friends and good food.

Which country is next on your bucket list?

I have never been to Costa Rica, and I have a feeling it's one of those places I will fall in love with.

What is your favourite food?

I love the idea of a spanish style tapas meal. Since I like to try different things and always have a hard time choosing one dish, this is the perfect solution for me.

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