Emerging talent: Sara Chyan

Sara Chyan is the Hong Kong designer behind the bold, 3D flower ring with a centre you can fiddle and play with, and our effortlessly modern Crack earrings. She graduated with a BA in Visual Arts in Hong Kong and is now studying full-time in her final year of a MA in jewellery and metal at the Royal College of Art in London.

Her studies mean that her jewellery making is very much a part-time activity, so we’re very excited to showcase her pieces – Arlette Gold is her exclusive, worldwide stockist. Her work is incredibly limited, so if you want one of her works (and we’re sure you will), you’ll have to move extremely fast.

Sara draws inspiration from the human body and the world around us.  Her ear cuff reflects the search for a balancing point in our bodies, how equilibrium is interrupted if there is a shift in power on one side; the cracks in her copper earrings symbolise the uncertainties of life, while her flower designs capture a plant in blossom.  If you’d like to own one of her thoughtful pieces, don’t delay – we only have small numbers of each.