Good tea-dings to you

Every April 21, tea fans across the UK raise a cuppa to their favourite drink for National Tea Day. It’s a fine excuse to indulge in old favourites, to try new blends and to dive into the huge variety and choice of the world of tea leaves. The movement aims to fire up Britain’s passion for its national drink, to start a conversation about quality and sustainability, and to remind people of how lovely it is to have an inspiring chat over a cup. As they say, “brew more, do more”.

The drink first originated in China, the Yunnan region, as a medicinal drink. Traders and missionaries brought it to Portugal in the 16th century. It began to be a primary commercial export popular among the nobility – Portuguese royal Catharine of Braganza loved it, and when she married the British King, Charles II, she brought leaf-fever to the UK.

Now, tea is intrenched in the life of the UK – 84% of us drink tea or herbal infusions every day – that’s 165 million cups daily. It’s there when we wake up, we sip from dinky cups of it with scones at hotels, down mugs of it on our tea breaks, and share heartbreak and elation over brews; tea provides the rhythm of our day and lives as well as our refreshment. 

Find out more about Britain’s favourite drink at FesTeaVal 2019: A Tea Lovers Paradise, which runs from 13th-14th April at Tobacco Dock, East London. An immersive experience, you’ll learn about the leaves and sustainability, try artisan blends, rebalance with meditation, and try activities including blind tea tasting, yoga, and virtual reali-tea! And, of course, there will be plenty of relaxing space in which to sit back and enjoy a brew.