Happy Halloween

Days are getting darker, pumpkins are lining our greengrocers’ shelves, and there’s a sea of orange, black and purple in the supermarket toy aisle. Hallowe’en is almost upon us. 

How are you planning to celebrate the spookiest day of the year? Does your family go all-out with trick or treating and turning your house into a haunted wonderland? Or do you prefer a more adult take on the festival; watching a horror film, going on a ghost walk, learning about witchcraft, or visiting an atmospheric, haunted pub? 

Why not pick some jewellery to wear on the day? Creepy jewellery doesn’t have to be tacky and put into the back of the wardrobe until next year. Think other-worldly and mysterious rather than a scream-fest. 

Skulls are an obvious go-to to add an sinister accent to your look. Aside from their striking, iconic looks, with dark eye sockets and shadowy niches, they also make a powerful statement. Skulls are one of man's oldest and most potent designs that date back long before catwalks existed; and their symbolism is complicated and meaningful. Read more on the significance of skulls in fashion. Roz Buehrlen’s tough-but-tender skull pendants bring a touch of rebellion to your jewellery story, while Made’s Daisy Knight skull pieces are edgy, but very very cute. 

Orange is not just associated with Hallowe’en, the hue also echoes the colours of autumn. Fallen leaves and early sunsets. Meanwhile, black represents death, darkness and the longer nights. Use our search box to find earrings with a hit of bright orange enamel, black earring studs and rings with intriguing black bone details. 

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