Designer Spotlight: Erin Rose Gardner of High Society Collection

Where do you find inspiration? 
I find inspiration in historic art movements and my own personal narrative. High Society Collection started as a throw-back to Art Deco, prohibition and the women's suffrage movement. I am most excited by jewellery that is clever and shifts expectations. 

What’s your earliest jewellery memory? 
Definitely playing dress-up with my mom! On special occasions she would let me play in front of this large mirror with her jewellery box. I would try on multiple pieces and reorganise the box. My favourite pieces were not even precious or semi-precious designs. I remember loving a butterfly necklace, a spoon ring and a wooden pendant.  

Describe your perfect weekend.
I just became a mother, so right now I am very excited by the simple things and nesting. I like to wake-up hearing my baby make noises and realising that it is starting to brighten outside, so I can bring her into bed with us. Then I enjoy laying there with my husband as our daughter kicks and coos. Followed by a slow home-cooked breakfast and a stroll around our neighbourhood... maybe we walk to my studio, so I can change out the tumbler or do some other small task. My husband is also self-employed, so we love to have conversations about entrepreneurial ideas and ways to improve our businesses. We have both lived in the same neighbourhood for over a decade and usually run into someone we know on our walks! Then perhaps we walk somewhere for an early dinner... Ethiopian or Ramen. Or maybe we stop at the wine shop up the street and enjoy a beverage while our daughter sleeps in the stroller! And then we head home for tummy time and rocking chair adventures!
What’s your favourite breakfast food?
I love eggs Benedict or some type of hash with over-medium eggs on top.

What’s your favourite song?
I Won't Back Down by Tom Petty.

What’s your favourite colour?
Gold, both the colour and metal!

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
This is a tough one... I keep changing my answer. Right now, New Zealand because its seems possible with a baby. Last year, my youngest sister passed away unexpectedly at the age of 24. She had dreams of visiting New Zealand and perhaps this would be a nice way to celebrate her.

Is there something you’ve always wanted to try but never have?
Grafting a tomato and potato plant together.