Knot a Problem

We love the trend for wearing layered necklaces, but we’re not so keen on the inevitable tangled chains that go with the bohemian look. Whether your jewellery is getting in a knot while travelling, snagging while you’re wearing it, or even mysteriously snarling up while on your dressing table – we will never understand how that happens – it’s a nuisance to deal with.

Knots can be a real challenge to untangle, and they can get worse before they get better, as fiddling with them makes it likely they’ll get even tighter or perhaps snap the chain. However as a jewellery seller, we’ve learned a few simple detangling tricks along the way.

*Find a clear, hard and flat workspace, because sorting chains mid air just does not work, and as you get rid of one tangle another appears.

*Spread the mess out so you can see the tangled sections clearly.

*Gently start to undo the necklaces. Don’t pull too hard, this almost always ends up in tightening the knot even further or breaking the chain.

*Ease a safety pin or sewing needle through the middle portion of the knot. Wiggle the pin about and gently pull out the knots and loosen the chains. Patience is imperative at this stage. As you undo the knots, one by one, separate the necklace strands.

*If those knots are really stubborn and just won’t budge, try adding a few drops of baby or olive oil, or sprinkling some baby powder over the tangled sections. The oils act as lubricants, while the powder reduces friction. Don’t use both or you’ll end up with a nasty paste! Rub the snarled-up section between your fingers to allow the oil or powder to fall inside the links. Keep using the pin or your fingers to pick apart the tightest knots until you can separate the strands with your fingers. Wash off the oil or powder with mild washing up liquid or jewellery cleaner, rinse with clean water, dry with a paper towel, and you’re good to go!

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