Fit goals: how to break a sweat in jewellery this January

Alongside most of the population, you may have made a New Year’s resolution to exercise more. Working out is a great way to lose weight and increase your fitness levels after a Christmas spent watching TV and munching mince pies, but, perhaps even more importantly it also reduces stress and helps beat the dark-day blues.

However, getting sweaty in lycra doesn’t mean that you have to slack on the accessories. Many professional athletes have trademark looks; Serena Williams is as serial short gold necklace wearer, Maria Sharapova sports a gold strand and simple hoop or drop earrings, and you’ll find track athletes bedecked in multiple minimal studs and necklaces – sprinter Michael Johnson was renowned for his thick gold chain.

If you can’t be faffed with remembering to remove your jewellery before you work out, look for exercise-friendly designs. You’ll need pieces that stand up to sweat, are easy to wash, won’t snag, but still look great.

Look out for designs in sterling silver or a higher plate of gold, stainless steel and plastic – these materials more resistant to attacks from chlorine, sweat and sea water. However, sweat will dull your pieces’ brilliance – always wash them after your workout.

On-trend and practical, tiny minimal stud earrings are perfect for gym sessions. You’ll forget you have them in, yet still look incredibly chic. Choose necklaces on short chains that won’t bang your chest as you move, and rings that stay flush to your hand – although it’s best to lay off hand jewellery entirely if you’re rowing, lifting weights or boxing, as metal is much softer than you might imagine.

Our favourites.