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It’s easy to get stuck in a jewellery rut, keeping the same, safe pieces on every day, perhaps wheeling out tried-and-tested statement pieces for special occasions. An everyday, capsule jewellery collection, is, of course, an essential, but it’s fun to experiment beyond this – we spend time perfecting and honing our outfits, but accessories are often an afterthought. 

Time for a change. We are now in a new golden age of jewellery – for the last decade, fashion editorial models have been dripping in earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Accessories can now be the main focus of your look, making a statement, or adding edge or personality to your outfit. 

We thought we’d give you some summer inspiration, so have curated a series of jewellery looks to spark your creativity. From summer picnics to board meetings, weekend jumpsuits to jeans and sweatshirts – we’ve picked pieces to make every occasion more fun.

#Inspo board

Make this season’s bold, clashing prints sing even louder; add dazzle to ditzy florals, ping to polka dots and pow to pastels. Discover how to make earrings work with mustard yellows, what complements loud animal prints, or pieces to make a pool-side retro look go from fizzling to sizzling. 

There are ideas for everyday looks; minimal and elegant. A pair of studs, a simple necklace, or an understated metal bangle. Alternatively, go all-out showstopper, wearing bolder, maximalist statement pieces in unexpected materials and colours. Think big hoops, loud rings, supersized earrings and multiple bangles. 

Jewellery designer Sabrina Dehoff says, “The way we dress is mostly about styling, and jewellery is a great way to personalise a style as well as saying something about ourselves.” Scottish couture jewellery designer Scott Stephen agrees, saying, “My jewellery should be worn boldly and courageously: as a statement of the wearer’s personality. A woman lavishly bejewels herself without inhibition, as if she’s playing dress-up.”

We’ll be posting our jewellery-inspo looks over the next few weeks; come back, dip in, and flick through our ideas! We hope you like them!