Safe keeping: our top jewellery organisers

Jewellery storage…

It’s sometimes difficult to find jewellery storage that matches the elegant lines of your earrings, rings and bracelets. However, there are design-led solutions that look as good as the treasures within. Here are some of our favourites. 

Block Party

Concrete makes for an cutting-edge dressing table look. Korridor Design’s My Mirror sits in a brutalist-style base that contrasts beautifully with your high-shine pieces. Each unit is cast by hand, which results in subtle variations and makes each piece unique. Beware: the tactile nature of concrete means you may end up stroking its beautiful lines while putting on your make-up – you’ll never leave the house on time again.  Available in grey or softer pink from Moxon London.


Oliver Bonas’s Green Marble and Brass Oval Jewellery Box is sleek, sophisticated and unusual. It plays with the lines and materials popularised during the art deco period: green and white marble accentuated with a gold inlay, a softly curved shape. Its solid weight gives a sense of security; your most precious jewels will be safe here. 

Super Bowl

A beautifully-designed bowl makes a chic alternative to a traditional box. George Jensen’s Brass Ilse Bowl – perfect for tossing your earrings into at the end of a long night. Ping! Ping! Its glossy finish brings light to dark corners, and ensures it takes centre stage on a dressing table. There’s almost no need for jewellery. Almost… 

Pipe Dreams 

Show off your necklaces on The Little Deer Copper Pipe Jewellery Stand. Its industrial lines are finished in copper – each one is made with hand-made from pipes and fittings, then sanded, polished and coated. It turns jewellery into art – watch your pendants catch the light and twist in draughts. 

Clever Clever 

Umbra’s Mini Stowit Jewellery Storage is simple, functional and subtle. A pared-down wood and metal box, its clever, multidirectional set of sliding drawers store your jewellery and accessories. The design was inspired by product packaging with secret compartments – perfect to hide your treasures safely away. 

Once Scene 

We discovered Taiwanese brand Danzo on Instagram, then got to handle some of their pieces in person at Top Drawer. The company’s Landscape desk organisers are billed as desk organisers, but we think they’ll work perfectly for jewellery. A series of storage boxes are shaped like different geographical terrains. You choose your personal ‘scape, then stack in basic model beneath the shapes, building them higher or lower. We love the idea of storing earrings and rings in the gentle bowls of ‘Hill’, watches and bracelets in ‘Valley’, and bangles in the peak of ‘Volcano’ – your fine chains will fit snugly into the lava lines. Available in lake green, sunset orange, night blue, raw metal and snow white.