Just A Card Indie Week

Just A Card - Indie Week is the colourful, independent alternative to Black Friday, and Arlette Gold are proud to support the event, which run from November 25th - 29th. It’s an opportunity to explore the best of small brands and businesses and celebrate their idiosyncratic designs, personal service and attention to detail. All the details that soulless big brands find it hard to offer!


The Just a Card campaign to persuade people to support smaller businesses was started by artist and designer Sarah Hamilton four years ago. She saw the quote "If everyone who'd complimented our beautiful gallery had bought 'just a card' we'd still be open" written by store keepers who'd recently closed their gallery. This spurred her into action. She says, “People say they love independents, yet it’s easy to pay lip service with phrases like ‘Shop Local’. Our campaign highlights the link between thought and action so people realise that artists, makers, independent shops and businesses need more than just compliments to stay afloat. We celebrate all the joys and wonders they bring, and certainly would never say don’t buy online (there are huge benefits, and many independents sell online too) - it’s simply a question of balance. Our campaign is not about tales of woe, guilt trips or desperate pleas. Quite the opposite, with the dedication and commitment of our team and followers, we’ve built an incredibly upbeat and impassioned community.

These shops are at the heart of a diverse local economy - they showcase creativity and keep many designers/makers in business and often champion their artists for years. They make our towns and villages diverse, interesting places to visit and enjoy.

With the support of The Design Trust and Mollie Makes magazine the campaign goes from strength to strength. Fifteen enormous billboards featuring stars such as Dominic Cooper, Richard E Grant, Twiggy and Charlotte Gainsbourg popped up at six busy tube stations aiming to make people think about how they can make a difference to the artists, makers, independent shops and small businesses. The campaign has widened to include independent bookshops – yes, you can buy online, but you don’t get personal recommendations, a kids’ area where they can experience books first hand, a space to discover the unexpected, chat about life, the weather and everything else that keeps us going.

Look out for Just a Card and Indie Week window stickers on your high street and hashtags online. Why not make this the Christmas you choose independent retailers for your gifts?