Chains of Love

Why wear one necklace when you can wear two, three or four? Layering chains and pendants is a way to express yourself, to make a nuanced statement, and an excuse to wear all the jewellery.

You will have seen the trend – different styles, contrasting metals, textures and chain lengths, variations in weight – all over the catwalks and editorials, but this is a trend that has zipped straight to the street.

And no wonder – layers are an easy way of making a statement with jewellery that isn’t necessarily ‘statement’, and you probably don’t even need to go out and buy anything to build yourself a whole new look or ten.

There are no rules, this is a time to find your own style. Perhaps you’ll layer and layer gold chains. Pair chunky necklaces with a delicate choker. Wear multiple coins until you look like you’ve just emerged from a dive into a treasure chest. Go minimal and stick to simple chains, or pile on pendants. It’s all about mixing and matching and building your own look.

Lengths are key; look at proportions and choose your necklaces accordingly. Try three or more chains that sit at different points; your neck, your collarbone, and lower.

Need a little guidance to start you off? Kat Collings, Editor of Who What Wear has developed five standardised formulas to nail the look. “Editor confession: Layering necklaces totally throws me for a loop. I find it to be one of the hardest fashion skills to master, so in a somewhat self-motivated move, I decided to demystify the art once and for all. If you struggle with the skill as well, scroll to check out a breakdown of the components of five well-executed layered looks and everything you need to replicate your favourite combination. After reading this, you'll never again question how to layer necklaces; instead, you'll have a strong jewellery game every time.”

Kat’s golden combinations 

14” + 18” dainty necklace

2 x 20” coin necklaces

14” choker + 16” dainty necklace + 24” charm

14” choker + 16” small chain necklace + 24” pendant

16” dainty + 18” large chain + 20” charm

We have tried out these formulas and guess what? They work. Here are some links to Arlette Gold necklaces that fit the bill, lengthwise – you just have to pick your favourites! 

How We Layer

14" + 18" Dainty


Wilthings Collectables do this beautifully, in both gold and silver. Wear their Choker or Coin necklaces with Sweet As HoneyMagicMatisse or Pebble or with A Weathered Penny's Hera Interlock Necklace.



Try Sarah Cavender's 15" Snake Chain with Shlomit Ofir's 18" Alexandria Necklace or Ottoman Hands' Sun Necklace

2 x 20” Coin necklaces

Again Wildthings Collectables nail it with their Magic and Sweet As Honey necklaces. But you don't have to stick to coins - try it with any of Wildthing's 20" chains - Sweet As Honey, Magic and Matisse all work with the Pebble.

14” choker + 16” dainty/small + 24” charm/pendant


Try Sarah Cavender's 15" snake chain, Rachel Jackson's Mini Sun Goddess and Shlomit Ofir's Long Coin necklace. Switch the Snake for Wildthing's Collectables Choker and add A Weathered Penny's Hera Interlock and Willow Necklaces.

And here are some examples of our freestyle layering – no formulas required:



Switch it up with Wildthings Collectables Coin, Ottomans Hand's Sun and Shlomit Ofir's Long Coin Necklaces; or with Wildthing's Collectables Choker, Rachel Jackson's Mini Sun Goddess and Electric Goddess Statement Sun Necklace (which at 30" is a bit longer).


Cut out the middle man with MADE's Casted Curve and Shlomit Ofir's Long Coin Necklace.


Mix up Sarah Cavender's snake and double twist necklaces - pieces that are made for layering.

Shop How We Layer for more.