Let's re-think the party bag

Your child’s birthday party should be a fun, magical experience. However, deciding on a theme, what kind of experience you want, ordering or making a cake that will dazzle, and coming up with ideas of entertainment can be incredibly stressful. And then there are the party bags.

How packed should each be? Should you go for sweets, or are they going to cause Sugargeddon? Do you go for books? If so, how do you navigate the tricky reading level politics? And do kids’ hearts really leap at the sight of a book? 

It’s easy to fall into the tat-trap – pencils with toppers so heavy you can’t actually write with them; tiny notebooks that never get used; yo-yos that don’t “yo-yo”; stretchy men that mark the walls and get covered in fuzz; foam gliders that crack as you assemble them; nail varnish in lurid colours that peels straight off and ends up on the bedroom floor – but doesn’t peel straight off the floor. You know.

However. I remember the joy of those hotly-anticipated party bags, the excitement. I have seen the pure delight on my kids’ faces when they receive one; so I couldn’t do away with them completely. Imagine the disappointment – Worst. Party. Ever.

So let’s rethink the bag. They can be exciting, and far from tacky. 

Here are some Arlette Gold delights for the girls. We offer a party bag discount on each of these items so just send us an email. Add a candy necklace and some gummy rings and you’re all set. 

    Want to spend slightly more per head?

    • Funky neons, adorable pastel and bold primary geometric wooden bead necklaces from LikeGjewelry.
    • Our whimsical porcelain animal pendants by A Mini Penny.
    • This retro, laser-cut wooden flower pot is a toy and a necklace in one.