Lockdown Stories: Laviandbelle

At the start of lockdown, Laviandbelle’s sales slowed. “I suppose no-one really understood what was going on!” say designers Simona and Steffanie. However, online orders soon picked up, and there was soon a flood. "I think people needed small ‘treats’ to get them through a period of such uncertainty” say the pair. We think that the little-and-often mantra applies here; at such affordable price points you can buy multiple Lavidandbelle pieces and not feel guilty.

Lockdown was also a chance to reflect. The time at home gave the two designers a chance to think about how they might make their processes and products more sustainable. They have started packaging the jewellery in reusable, eco-friendly hemp muslin bags, and the pair enthuse about the “lovely, soft bags” perfect for jewellery storage.

Laviandbelle’s focus has always been on affordable jewellery that lasts, and during 2020 that focus has sharpened even further. Steffanie says, “Those are our roots, and we stand by them now more than ever”. The design due were inspired to start the brand in 2009 in direct response to all of the mass-market jewellery on the High Street, and their high-quality, handcrafted designs have proved to be an affordable alternative to throwaway fast fashion.

Steffanie is hopeful that people will come out of this crisis keen to support small businesses, local craftspeople, artists and artisans and that "this is the beginning of a trend to go back to basics and away from the treadmill of seasonal designs".