Lockdown Stories: Wolf and Moon

"Back in March, I honestly had no idea what we were going to do. All our wholesale sales had completely dropped off and shops were telling us that they couldn't pay for orders that we had already fulfilled" says Wolf and Moon founder Hannah. 

The introduction of the government's Furlough Scheme helped to protect Hannah's staff. Team members who lived locally were able to walk or cycle into the studio and others worked from home. They worked relentlessly on direct online sales, launching a two day sale and introducing "make at home" jewellery kits and puzzles. 

Keen to support the local community, Hannah carried out some research and put her laser cutter to good use, producing PPE visors for local care homes and hospices. £5 from every Make At Home Kit sale was put aside to purchase the necessary materials, just £5 was enough for 12 visors.

As the UK came out of lockdown Hanna was able to slowly bring her team back from Furlough and, before we went into lockdown #3, everyone had returned. "I've spent ridiculous hours making complicated WFH schedules and seating plans to allow for social distancing," Hannah says, fiercely proud that she was able to keep everyone employed. 

As we find ourselves in lockdown again Wolf and Moon are working hard to keep their studio and office open. The majority of staff are working from home on rotation, and those who are in the studio are practicing increased workplace hygiene at a social distance. We hear team meetings are often taking place hourly to ensure orders go out on time!