Mother's Day

As the days become longer and – please – warmer, we’re thinking about Mother’s Day, which this year falls on Sunday the 11th of March. Whether you’re a mother looking to drop some subtle-or-not-so-subtle hints to your family, or want to show your own lovely mum just how much she means to you, you will find something with meaning, a story, or unusual and beautiful at Arlette Gold

The celebration of motherhood can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans who held festivals in honour of mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele. 

During the 1600s servants were given a day off to return home to their “mother’ church, and honour the Virgin Mary during the holy month of Lent. Historians believe that this return led to the tradition of children visiting their mother and family, honouring their own mothers as well as the church.

It was social activist Anna Jarvis who made Mother’s Day an official holiday in the US. Her mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, had been a peace activist and social worker and when she died in in 1905, Anna decided to dedicate her life to her mother's cause. She campaigned successfully for the day to be officially recognised, and in 1914 President Woodrow Wilson declared it an annual holiday.

Mother’s Day began to be celebrated internationally – the date varies in different countries – and is now a wonderful opportunity to pause and think about the dedication and hard work of mums everywhere; the chance to say thank you to your mother and to spoil her rotten. 

Here are some ideas for every budget.

Ruby Pilven’s porcelain bangles and rings are individually sculpted, stained and painted by hand, so no two pieces are the same. Let us know mum’s ring size and we can find the perfect fit!

Roz Buehrlen’s rose necklace is a stunning reminder of someone close to the wearer’s heart. Roses are a traditional symbol of gratitude – say thanks with a flower.

Quazi Design’s bangles are handmade by artisans in Swaziland from layers of recycled magazines. Available in a rainbow of bright colours or muted pastels – choose your mum’s favourite shade.

Sarah Cavender’s striking, metal-mesh bracelets are versatile and timeless. Pop an additional matching mini-me version in your basket to make a very sophisticated, yet sweet take on the BFF split-jewellery craze. 

Something unusual and unexpected from Fleur De Carotte, this Minerale No.2 Necklace was inspired by the warm stones houses in southern France and the lines of art deco. 

For understated elegance, choose this pretty Round Geometric Necklace from Fawn and Rose. Its muted, organic colours are subtle and easy to wear daily; a perfect, constant reminder of a child’s love. 

Pearls suit everyone, flatter all faces and add get-up-and-glow in an instant. These single-pearl, classic earrings make mums of any age smile. 

Is your mum a traveller? Treat her to a statement necklace for her next holiday, or simply remind her of sunnier days to come. 

Children love to pick out gifts for their mum.

Browse our most fun pieces to find something that will bring as much joy to the giver as the recipient. Materia Rica’s fun, hand-painted walnut earrings feature a little bird who has escaped from its cage, while Acorn and Will’s cartoon-like, enamel playful take on diamond earrings will put a smile on your face. Patricia Nicolás bumblebee earrings will suit a buzzy mum with a love for on-trend pieces, while Wolf and Moon’s incredible, versatile hexagon studs add zing to the school run, while their mirror and glitter finishes are the perfect fit for disco mums – pick a pair to suit your mum’s personality exactly.