One We Made Earlier girls collection for AG

Jewellery for young girls tends to fall into two camps; delicate, silver pieces and cute, Japanese-inspired fun bits. While we absolutely adore both of these, Arlette Gold has also been on the hunt to find something a bit different.

Fascinated by One We Made Earlier’s signature geometric necklaces, we approached the brand to see if they’d be interested in designing a girls’ line for us. And so a unique and very exciting collaboration was born.

Meet Mie and Lu, mini versions of the company’s adult necklaces perfect for younger girls, and Rohe, which teens will adore. One We Made Earlier are known for their bold, minimal necklaces crafted out of unusual materials - rope with corian, cork, wooden shapes and shiny balls.   These necklaces are playful, dynamic and built to last forever – perfect for girls of all ages. 

Arlette says, “I have spent far too much time searching for jewellery for my daughter, god daughter, and friends’ daughters. I’ve had a fruitless quest to find jewellery that can be worn from a relatively early age but will stand the test of time; be out of the ordinary and aesthetically pleasing.  There are far too many uninteresting, uncreative pieces out there, which is frustrating when you need to find, say, that perfect christening gift.”

Emma and Rob Orchardson, the London based independent designer duo One We Made Earlier, agree that the world of kids jewellery is uninspiring.  We have two daughters ourselves - Elsa, 8, and Lily, 5, both of whom enjoy wearing mini versions of our necklaces. It is something we were on the verge of working on in the past, but time has not allowed for the idea to progress!”

We’re incredibly excited about the results of the collaboration. These are pieces that will suit girls wanting to follow the lead of their design-conscious mothers, girls who want to stand out from the crowd and wear something a little different. Girls who are independent, who push boundaries, and have a sense of adventure.

Shop outside the box and bring geometry to life – take a look at these striking pieces.