Heaven Scent

This season’s white-hot jewellery trend is practical, beautiful, and multi-sensual; designs filled with perfume, described by Vogue as ‘this season’s smartest pendant necklaces’. Combining scent and cutting-edge looks, could these be the ultimate gift?

Leading the pack by a nose are Celine, a brand who recently re-entered the beauty arena with their first perfume in 50 years, Vent Fou. Their hottest cult accessory celebrates this olfactory triumph, a tiny minimalist, modern brass-and-resin bottle that can be filled with your favourite perfume and worn on any chain or hoop.

Perfume house Veronique Gabai’s take on the trend is slightly more ambitious (see leading image). Their pendant makes a louder statement, with a chunkier, intricate chain and larger vial, fillable with 2.5ml of your favourite of the house’s scents. Alternatively their Pebble is an absorbent, more organic pendant that will retain a spritz of your favourite perfume for up to two days.

Darker, and more dramatic, The Piece, by cult Swedish brand NCP Olfactives strings a 5ml roll-on ampoule on a chain, and comes in gold, silver and gothic black, while Strangelove NYC’s deadofnight scent glows amber in a tiny bottle topped with a gold flower, hanging on a gold chain. Both these designs echo the Victorian craze for perfume jewellery when necklaces held tiny scent bottles or cloth soaked in perfume and placed in a locket.


Historically, pendants holding scent had been thought to protect the wearer from disease and to indicate social ranking – showing off that you could afford expensive perfumes. These were often worn from a decorative belt on the waist on a chatelaine (a decorative hook), but, over time, got more dainty and tiny enough to wear on delicate neck chains.

We love this trend; it’s show-stopping, but practical, and there’s something hot about dabbing perfume on your throat in public. These pieces make perfect romantic presents, or a seductive treat for yourself.