Spotlight on a Designer: Doron Shaltiel

Describe your jewellery aesthetic to us.

Simple, refined and clean. I only wear a few treasured pieces that have meaning to me, and I draw on this when I design. 

What can you see from your studio window? 

At the moment I'm on maternity leave so I work from the kitchen table! But in our workshop in Swaziland I see the rolling suburban hills of Mbabane, dotted with large houses amongst trees.

What inspired your last design? 

I am currently working on a small collection of paper-wood pieces. The shapes are simple as I want the technique to stand out. I am inspired by the process and the material; the greyness and lack of colour of the layered paper is textured and has a beautiful surface when sanded.

What’s your favourite place to go on holiday? 

I have many. In Africa it's probably Mozambique, for its endless untamed beaches and fresh seafood. In Europe it's a toss between a city break in picturesque arty Lisbon, or one of the quiet Greek islands with white washed villages and blue doors.

What’s your favourite concert of all time? 

Dobet Gnahore at House on Fire in Swaziland, what a powerful talented beautiful woman! Her singing gives me goosebumps. 

What’s your favourite film of all time? 

I enjoy art house films, or films about real life. City of God was memorable and eye opening, and so is Into The Wild. At the moment it's most of the films on Mubi!

What’s your desert island dinner? 

A fragrant prawn curry with fluffy rice followed by something made with lots of chocolate...

Where’s your perfect place to shop? 

I love sorting through second hand finds and in Swaziland we have an open market where you can find all sorts of wonderful and hideous things! I have recently discovered a warehouse in Bristol that opens its doors to the public once a month and sells recycled clothes in massive bins - it's always nice to come across a good find.