Spotlight on a designer: Rowenna Harrison

Describe your jewellery aesthetic to us.

Bold, shiny, elegant and fun.


What can you see from your studio window? 

The shed opposite which is someone else’s studio, blue skies and - at a certain hour in late afternoon - small flocks of parakeets.

What inspired your last design? 

Twin Peaks.


Who is your style icon? 

Ava Gardner.


What’s your favourite place to go on holiday? 

I have always wanted to go to Mexico. I haven’t made it yet, but I’m still dreaming of it.


What’s your favourite film of all time? 

This is tough. I have many favourite films that I could watch again and again, forever. Here are a couple: The Devil Is a Woman starring Marlene Dietrich and Back to the Future.

What’s your favourite drink? 

Earl Grey tea with oat milk and Margaritas (not together!)


What’s your desert island dinner? 

Probably a coconut?


Where’s your perfect place to shop? 

Etsy for vintage.