SS17: How to wear jewellery this season

Want to adapt this season’s biggest catwalk trends to your jewellery? Like what you’re seeing on the high street, but want to be sure you wear it in a different way to everyone else? Here are Arlette Gold’s takes on four of this season’s hottest looks.

The Single Earring

The boldest way to wear earrings this season is singly – the larger, the better. Make an impact with Bitte and Danke’s shoulder-grazing, wide-fringed, earrings made from lavender, black or white bunka cord. Iris Van Hulst’s geometric infinity earrings, in vibrant blue, black or white are also highly dramatic but light and easy to wear.  Meanwhile, Quazi Design’s sustainable diamond earrings are made from recycled paper and available in in red, yellow or grey – perfect for solo ear outings, and Slinkylinks' 60s-inspired, chainlink, long-drop, white earrings are retro and fun.  Mute the outfit and let your earrings steal the limelight. Earlobe artwork from Berlin, Amsterdam, Swaziland and Brighton.

The Statement Sleeve

Sleeves were rolled up, pulled down and shredded on the catwalk, while coming studded with bangles.  We’re wearing bracelets singly to make even more of an impact or layering and stacking for the ultimate limelight-grabbing look.  Choose to team them with long or short sleeves, or no sleeves at all; there really is no wrong way to do this trend.

MADE’s ethical brass clean lines and minimalist stacking bangles come in two finishes, perfect for stacking with other bracelets.  Sarah Cavender’s vintage wide dome mesh metal bangles are interesting, eye-catching, and available in a variety of finishes, while Shlomit Ofir’s delicate Universe and Halo bracelets in gold or silver complement any look perfectly.  Arm candy from Kenya, the US and Israel.

The Super-Fine Choker

Chokers have gone nowhere, they’re still all over the catwalk and high street; but they’re evolving, as delicate, dainty pieces replace the thick black chokers so fashionable in 2016.  And you don’t have to be a teenager or a model to wear them.  Our wearable, dynamic takes on the trend are Evgenia Elkind’s minimalist glass sphere on a black nylon chain, and Mondocubo’s unusual-but-highly-logical Ortogonale modular concrete necklace, which is made up of 11 differently sized concrete cubes you can arrange on a stainless steel chain. Wear with a blouse or low cut top. Wearable chokers handmade in Turin and Berlin.

Eclecticism and Texture Play

The use of rope and other unusual materials and fabrics resulted in stand-out jewellery on this season’s catwalks.  Over at Arlette Gold, One We Made Earlier’s minimal rope necklaces feature exciting corian and resin, while Pichulik’s colourful rope pieces,  decorated with braids and cottons, are tribal in style. We also love AR.M Anna Rosa Moschouti’s tactile and über-stylish wool necklaces and bracelets, which are soft but tough. Wear with a simple T shirt, a simple black or denim dress.  Individuality from London, South Africa and Antwerp.