The Mamahood's #mumrundmonday campaign

We can’t stop shouting about our involvement in The Mamahood, a network celebrating “mums building brands whilst juggling the juggling.” Founder Diana has provided a platform to support our mum-run businesses, a community to bring us all together.

In June @the_mamahood launched #mumrunmonday - a Monday-run Instagram campaign to celebrate five multi-tasking Mamahood mums. This week we are thrilled to be featured alongside four other inspiring brands. Please stop, look, support and follow these ladies. 

First up: I iwishiwasa… who create original, vibrant costumes to capture the imagination. Founded by Tamsin who has a background as a textile designer and costumier, her son loved to dress up when he was small. “A somewhat eclectic stylist…as his adventures grew, so did his requests for more and more costumes so I set about creating a range of mix’n’match dress up accessories…” We love their bird, guitar- and superhero capes, cuffs and masks; and feather crowns. Tamsin’s accessories were used in the photobooth at Campbestival this year and there is now a collection for teenagers and adults too!

Meminio make beautiful personalised memory cases – finally a stylish way to capture and store all of those important memories. We love the mustard yellow and navy models; my daughter would be delighted with a case of our wedding memories; and I really wish the pregnancy record book had been around when I was growing mine.

Founded by mums Marie and Alison who met when their children were at preschool, “I started telling her every business idea that popped into my head” says Marie. Seven years later, and with five children between them, their brand is going strong. I love this story – how many of us spent NCT and preschool meet ups mulling business ideas?! It’s amazing that these guys actually did it.


Image credit @victorianixoncommercial

The Happy Self Journal has introduced a journal for children - based on scientifically proven methods - to promote happiness, develop positive habits and nurture enquiring minds. Frustrated at reading reports in the press of how children are growing up stressed, and with mental health issues on the rise, mum-of-two Francesca decided to focus on a return to analogue: pen and paper planning over apps and social media, mindfulness over screen time.

Beautifully illustrated and easy to use, the journal takes less than a few minutes each day to complete. Winner.

The pigeon and the wolf create gorgeous childrenswear inspired by classical tales. Mum-to-three Hannah, a postgraduate from the London College of Fashion, draws cuts and sews all the garments herself in her basement studio “while the rest of the pack stomp around upstairs.” Her collection is nostalgic, traditional and versatile using natural fabrics to encourage a slower fashion. We love the dungarees in amethyst and marine, dress in orchid and she-wolf (adult) dungarees in twist.

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