Valentines Day: If telepathy isn't working...maybe a wishlist will?!

With Valentines day fast approaching, it’s time to start dropping some subtle – or not-so-subtle – hints.  Anything you wanted for Christmas and you didn’t get, you can ask for on Valentines day. Those are the rules (OK, those are OUR rules). 

Come V-Day, it’s all-too-common to end up with a wilting bouquet of roses or a disappointing box of chocolates. This year, it’s time to hint a little harder – in the sweetest, funniest way, of course.  We’re certain that you’ll find something to lust over at Arlette Gold – from edgy, quirky necklaces to romantic rings and instant-classic bracelets, there’s something to make your Valentine’s special. 

It’s so simple; browse our site to find your perfect piece(s), add them to our new My Wishlist app and email it to your Valentine. They’ll appreciate the heads-up, and you’ll get exactly what you want. Easy! 

Alternatively, hit the Arlette Gold Instagram account, and tag your Valentine in your AG product of choice. We’ll sort the rest. 

Our Valentines Shortlist