Wedding Jewellery

We are currently slap-bang in the middle of wedding season – the time of year where we all dress up to the nines, shed a few tears, then dance into the night.

For brides, there are decisions upon decisions to be made; obviously you have found your dream partner, but there’s still the guest list, the venue, the caterer, the flowers (see our blog for some personal favourites), the music, the dress, the vibe, and, of course, the jewellery to pick.

Just because wedding day earrings and necklaces have a less bright spotlight than the rings, doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Traditionally, brides have chosen pearls, sparkly diamonds, or perhaps a pair of sedately styled drop earrings. Alternatively, vintage shines – particularly if there’s a strong family connection to the pieces. Art deco designs work incredibly well too. Some brides use their jewellery choices to fulfil the old rule, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” Think sapphires!

Here are some of our picks for brides who want something a bit different and don’t have a tiara stored in the family vault.

Something Blue

Shlomit Ofir’s fine Viola Earrings and subtle colourways are perfect accessories for a romantic, carefree ceremony. They reflect light in the most flattering way. 

Add that vital touch of blue in a modern, subtle fashion with Promises Promises’ Silver Axia Earrings. Their elegant long sweep works beautifully with bridal hair, and their intelligent design means no compromise, taste-wise.

Off The Cuff

Bring drama to your wedding day look with one or two of these wide, spiral-shaped cuffs. Blending the classic with the cutting edge, this design is simple yet bold and works beautifully with short-sleeved, simple dresses. Perfect for punching the air while holding your bouquet.

Shlomit Ofir’s delicate, space-inspired Universe Bracelets are for to-the-moon-and-back lovers.  Wear them simply alone for a graceful feel, or stack them to add drama.

Low-key Chic

Cleverly designed studs are perfect for weddings – there is little chance of these getting caught in hair while you’re hugging your friends. Pearls are a classic bridal choice; white, pure and very flattering. These ORA versions are simple yet intriguing.

Roz Buerhlen’s Swallows symbolise love – pairs of the birds mate for life – making these a thoughtful choice for a wedding gift, or as thank you presents for bridesmaids or maids of honour.

Inspired by the force of hailstones, perhaps these Emma Aitchison Earrings will act as a lucky charm and ward off bad weather on your wedding day. Dramatic, and a little quirky, these are perfect for unconventional brides.

Got your flowers sorted? Good. Now add some more – in your ears. These 3D designs by Sara Chyan include a turnable core – great for nervous brides who need something to fiddle with.

Very superstitious? Keep unlucky spirits at bay on the big day with this Evil Eye Earring. Guaranteed to ward off bad vibes! Wear it singly for an insouciant, rock and roll look.

Cerebral brides – don’t abandon your brains or aesthetics at the church (or register office) door. These statement studs combine flattering gold lowlights with an architectural story inspired by the buildings of Ricardo Bofill.

Classic Rocks

Pare things back with A Weathered Penny’s simple-yet-bold drop-back earrings. So versatile, these will enhance any dress – white, red, black or multi-coloured.

This clever design is made up of four separate rings that can be worn in different configurations for fresh looks. Rearrange it for the ceremony, the wedding breakfast, the party, and beyond…

Roz Buerhlen’s love-signifying swallows don’t just perch on your lobes, they settle on your fingers too. We adore her silver statement ring – made with true craftsmanship – that is pretty, yet with a tough, tattoo-inspired edge. T.R.U.E. L.O.V.E.

Necks Chapter

Match your pieces to your dress’ neckline for maximum effect. Add a touch of piratical romance with a Shlomit Ofir gold coin – one for beachy weddings, perhaps?

Subtle and low-key, this tiny heart on a delicate chain works well for bridesmaids and flower girls. It makes a beautiful gift, coming packaged in a small glass bottle with a cork.

There’s something deeply romantic about this coin-inspired necklace on a delicate, lariat chain. Rebellious and freewheeling, this is for brides with boldness and confidence, and might just set the tone for the rest of your life together.

Lead image @emannuellejunqueira via @cupro_