Kayleigh Carter is the London-based designer behind A Weathered Penny and A Mini Penny. 

A Weathered Penny pieces are on-trend but timeless, and created using sustainable materials.  Her elegant, oval-shaped earrings hang from plectrum-shaped charms, made from eco-friendly resin, her studs come in unusual-yet-understated designs, and her U-shaped hooped studs are exactly the kind of elevated basics you’ll pick for everyday polish. Her pieces are plated in 18k gold, 18k rose gold and sterling silver; beautifully designed, simple and versatile. Then there are her bolder designs of past seasons; the chunky, soft-lined resin pendants, asymmetric monochrome statement earrings, or a line influenced by the sketches of famous artists. 

A Mini Penny is the junior brand, with fun-yet-exquisite necklaces for children.  Dainty porcelain animals and enamel ballerinas hang alongside tiny pom poms and stars on gold-plated and cotton cord.  Our favourite is the mystical Pegasus with cut-out star charm, which is so pretty.

Kayleigh has a BA in fashion promotion and communication, and spent twelve years working in this field.  Bored by high street jewellery, and unable to find anything that was imaginative but still affordable, she started designing her own. Encouraged by family and friends, who loved her work, she took the plunge and started her business in 2012. Initially she continued working as a retail graphic designer at a high-street retailer, but has been full-time since 2015.  She now works with her team – including her husband, Joe – from a studio space in north London.

Kayleigh is clearly still influenced by the world of fashion; “I love a good Pinterest session” she says, and we see this in her edgy accessories. 

Kayleigh says her children’s line is where she can be more adventurous and “has real fun”; her unusually coloured pendants feature unexpected animals such as deer and zebra.  Keen to differentiate herself from the more gaudy plastic products on the market, and inspired by her grandmother’s collection of porcelain animals, Kayleigh creates necklaces that girls can treasure for years.

All designs start as a vision which is then realised on a computer.  “I've never been much of a drawer but put me in front of a computer and I feel much more comfortable” she explains.

She sources materials with ethics and eco-friendly qualities in mind. Her earrings and ring designs are cast, and charms are hand painted, by a “wonderful” team, then Kayleigh and her team assemble necklaces by hand, to order.

A Weathered Penny’s designs are elegant but bold; modern but quirky.  They go with everything but certainly won’t go unnoticed. 

A Mini Penny’s dinky, whimsical pendants are delicate but child-friendly; a perfect gift for recipients of any age.


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