Anna-Rosa Moschouti-Vermeer is the creator of AR.M Anna Rosa Moschouti, a dynamic new brand that specialises in minimalist necklaces and bracelets crafted from unconventional materials, such as nylon braided wool, leather and copper tubes.   

Striking and long-lasting, Anna-Rosa’s designs offer a simple but extraordinary collection that makes the wearer stand out without being too over-the-top “You don’t need diamonds to shine” she says, adding that seeing women confidently wearing her designs in their own, unique way fuels her creativity.

Growing up in Greece (her father is Greek), Anna-Rosa was inspired by her Dutch mother, an interior designer, and she went on to study architectural engineering at the Technical University of Crete.  Early on in her studies she wrote a DIY blog which pushed her to explore techniques and materials, and she discovered a talent and passion for making small-scale wearable objects, so making jewellery became a hobby.  She started selling through Etsy in 2013 and her pieces were an immediate hit.

After graduating in 2015 Anna-Rosa moved to Rotterdam to pursue a career in architecture and was offered a job at a “super-office”.  Still crafting her jewellery, but unable to keep up with demand, she rented a space next door to the office and hired extra hands, overseeing their work during her breaks.   Six months later she found herself wondering why she was “working more than ten hours a day to fulfil and build my boss’s dream instead of mine”.  Visiting her boyfriend in Antwerp, she found it “a magical place. The women were wearing amazing clothes, the boutiques and stores were so in line with my aesthetics that it just felt home”.  She quit her job, moved to Antwerp and set up AR.M Anna Rosa Moschouti full-time.

She’s inspired by images she finds online, which generate ideas and designs and lead her to new materials and techniques.  She uses trial and error to allow designs to evolve, and learns from her mistakes. “Don’t wait until everything is perfect. They will never be. Just do it.  And you’ll figure everything out along the way,” she says.

Learning is a constant process.  Copper had always been her go-to metal but after 18 months she recognised people wanted to wear a broader range of materials, and so introduced pieces in silver, brass and steel.  

AR.M Anna Rosa Moschouti jewellery is sophisticated, featuring quirky materials and industrial designs that will court attention.  These pieces will never look outdated.