Orrr Dhiravarangkura is the creative force behind bRainbowShop, a design company best known for their quirky wooden stud earrings – featuring cute rabbits, tweeting birds and happy bears; neon mismatched clouds and lightning bolts; vintage 3D wooden cameras and birdhouse (with resident owl) necklaces; and their very cute wooden typewriter brooch. 

Orrr is a graphic designer and spent over ten years in digital advertising.  He missed working with his hands, and, stumbling across a laser cutting machine one day, he saw an opportunity to create something, for himself, for fun.  This hobby became a brand when he posted some of his Star Wars-inspired work on the internet and the post went viral.   

Orr and his wife, Akiko, now work together as a team.  Orrr crafts and Akiko runs the business while looking after their daughters.  They work from their home in Sydney which, Akiko says, resembles “a factory”, surrounded by piles of wood and objects that inspire Orrr - old typewriters, cameras and toys bought from flea markets.  A German letterpress machine, recently purchased from the US, sits in their garden. 

bRainbow is a combination of two words, brain and rainbow.  For Orrr and Akiko a rainbow represents happiness; a brain symbolises ideas, thinking and imagination.  bRainbow’s aim is to create products that combine these two things.

There is clearly a vintage theme in Orrr’s work.  The camera necklace is reminiscent of old school photography - film, flash bulbs and dark rooms - and the typewriter design dates back to the 1860s.

Orrr’s jewellery is impish, using a “360 degree” approach whereby interlocking wooden pieces replace the need for glue and the resulting 3D piece is something that the wearer can play with.  The camera necklace has a peep-through viewfinder; and the birdhouse comes with a resident owl that makes a clicking sound when you move.

Orrr sources natural materials (wood and leather) to create unusual and amusing jewellery, using many different skills – laser cutting, letter pressing and hand stitching leather work.