Wildthings Collectables

Gold Yin Yang Enamel Coin Earring


The yin-yang symbol embodies the Chinese Tao philosophy of the balance between dark and light; the female black yin perfectly completing the male white yang. It’s a perfect fit for  Wildthings Collectables’ rock-and-roll-with-a-hint-of-mysticism vibe; this is all about having balance in your life, whether that’s between working and partying, the ups and the downs, or the tug between good and wicked. Suspended from a high-shine gold hoop, this pendant earring makes an individual base piece for your curated ear. This design is part of the Wildthings Collectables collection; earrings and necklaces sold singly, but that work beautifully when layered. Pick-and-mix those that perfectly reflect your personality and wear them according to your mood. Handmade in Bali. In gold and silver. Matching studs, pendant and ring available.

* Sold singly.

18k gold plated brass and resin

Hoop diameter 12mm, charm 8mm


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