Emma Aitchison makes unique silver, gold and brass necklaces and earrings inspired by the weather.  Storm, raindrop and puddle earrings, hail necklaces and cyclone rings – all refreshingly unusual.

We are hugely excited to feature a unique version of Emma’s Hail Necklace in the Arlette Gold shop, a design which Emma has edited exclusively for us.  Just perfect for the changeable UK weather. 

Emma’s degree in Contemporary Jewellery and Accessories taught her the fundamentals of jewellery design,  but, more importantly,  provided her with the invaluable skill of looking at jewellery as a conceptual piece of art – learning to question herself at every step, to constantly find solutions and alternative ways of approaching a design.  “Jewellery has no limits!” Emma says.

During and post-degree, Emma has spent 12 years interning at various contemporary jewellery brands and fashion houses, as well as a job as a production and studio manager for a well-known fashion milliner. She was a prop maker on a TV series and for the window displays and interiors of department stores.   This lent itself to a varied lifestyle, allowing her the freedom to develop her own individual style along the way and provided her with the knowledge required to start up her own brand in 2015.

Emma currently showcases her work on market stalls and at carefully chosen London events “I love the vibes and meeting my customers” she says.  She has gained a loyal customer base and is often to be found working on a privately commissioned piece.  Arlette Gold was her first online stockist, which is hugely exciting. 

Emma’s inspiration comes solely from the weather because of; “The beauty it holds and the power it presents with its ever-changing force, and the way it evokes a plethora of feelings in different individuals”.   She enjoys the challenge of replicating something intangible as something real.

Sometimes an idea is born, and a piece crafted, just from experiencing the weather.  Sometimes it is a longer process, influenced by her surroundings, observations and conversations. She researches her subject matter, making notes and sketching in her sketch book (all of which she keeps as “you never know when an old idea may inspire a future one”).

Emma’s crafting process is a fusion of classical traditional jewellery methods (in this case silver- and gold-smithing metal work) combined with her own, more contemporary, self-taught approach.  Emphasising the importance of constantly learning, developing and honing her skills, she experiments with new techniques and processes using a trial-and-error approach.

Her techniques and chosen weather element dictate her use of materials, and she maintains an ongoing conversation between process and research to find the most complementary and fitting material, whether it be for colour, process, weight or aesthetic value.

Emma is an emerging talent and we are very proud to be showcasing her work.