Evgenia Elkind makes minimalist, blown-glass sphere earrings and pendants, and geometric, laser-cut wooden earrings and rings.  Her collections are contemporary and experimental.

Born in Moscow, she studied industrial design in Turin and interior design in Milan.  After graduating she worked as a graphic and interior designer before setting up her Turin design studio in 2013.  This space houses three distinct zones: her studio where she sketches her ideas and draws her designs using CAD software; a workshop where she makes; and a showroom – a physical store front where you can wander in and browse. 

Evgenia’s industrial design and architectural background is evident throughout her work. She draws inspiration from mathematics and her approach to jewellery is highly technical.  Elementary geometric shapes – circles, triangles, rectangles and hexagons – are artfully arranged in patterns to create new and innovative forms.  She finds that simple shapes highlight a material’s features and she avoids anything that modifies its feel or look.

She believes that retaining the “essence” of a material - its natural textures and colours - is of utmost importance.  This approach is most evident in the smoked borders that the laser-cut process leaves on the Wooden Collection.

Laser-cut technology is outsourced (cutting steel requires industrial machinery) but Evgenia follows the production line from start to finish while retaining control over the final result, and her involvement in the production process stimulates new ideas.  Noticing leftover material on the floor beneath the laser cutting machine, she now incorporates this “waste” into her designs, so her wooden earrings are presented to the customer in their original form – the packaging is the piece of poplar from which the earrings have been cut. 

Her trademark, transparent spheres are made in specialist Italian workshops using the ancient art of glassblowing.  Red-hot liquid glass is turned into solid globes, a craft requiring skill and experience. 

Evgenia Elkind has lovingly researched and experimented with the materials of her craft.  “Wood is natural, stainless steel is industrial, and silver is precious” she says.  And then there’s the versatility of glass.  Her striking designs showcase beautifully the finest aspects of all her materials.