Iris van Hulst creates 3D printed geometric earrings and rings from lightweight nylon in black, white and blue.   

The young designer – she’s in her final year of a product design degree at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam – started making jewellery in 2014 and plans to start up her own business after graduating. She currently crafts at a workspace in her student flat. 

Iris is constantly on the look-out for interesting shapes, particularly those that are both organic and geometric.  Driving one day, she noticed a piece of art constructed in the middle of a roundabout, a symmetrical sculpture that looked different from every angle, and so her geometric infinity earrings, which display a different geometric shape depending on which side you’re looking at, were born.

Iris designs with SolidWorks, a 3D design program, and has pieces printed externally with a 3D printer.  The earrings and rings are printed in nylon, a strong and flexible material which is lightweight and easy to wear.  Items are then dyed in a pan and assembled by hand.

Iris van Hulst jewellery is elegant and seriously eye-catching.