Lia B is Olalla Borrego, who makes contemporary and intelligent bracelets, earrings and necklaces in brass, stainless steel, marble and black resin and unusual lava stone. Her Serie Citrus collection is fresh and zingy; dip dyed blues and lemons inspired by summer in Spain. 

Lia grew up in Spain and started designing jewellery and textile bags at home in 2010 as a hobby, before starting to sell in a few independent shops locally.  With the exception of two short courses Lia is entirely self-taught, through experimentation with different materials and techniques.

In 2014 she moved to Scotland to study textile design, and has spent the last three years developing her skills and embracing new media and techniques in both jewellery and textiles, allowing her to create a range of high quality work that truly reflects her ideas.  In 2015 she launched Lia B and, for a while, worked from a studio in Edinburgh’s The Biscuit Factory –  a beautiful industrial old building renovated into studios. She now crafts from her home in Galicia, Spain.

Lia’s grandfather was, and her father still is, a woodworker, and her mother had a passion for textiles, so she was surrounded by design from the very beginning.  Her grandfather designed American film sets in Spain during the 1950s and 60s, and Lia speaks of the hours she and her sister used to spend there, “running our hands over trays of beautiful vintage and natural stone beads, set decorations, paints, and listening to stories that he told us about the films” she says.

Lia also cites Sonia Delaunay, a Ukranian-born French artist, as an influential figure – a self-educated artist who began by creating a blanket for her son, and then applied the same process to create works through painting, textile and stage set design.

Lia’s day-to-day inspirations are vast and wide – one of her collections was based on antique measuring instruments.

She strives to use high-quality, natural and sustainable materials.  Brass, resin and semiprecious stones feature heavily, and she also likes to incorporate gemstones, such as crystals, that are believed to have healing or beneficial properties.   To ensure her work is of the utmost quality she sources from local suppliers and manufacturers, and pays huge attention to detail.

Lia B’s pieces are gorgeously simple yet with enough handmade texture and detail to stand-out – geometrical, sometimes industrial, sometimes bright, yet always chic, and different to anything we’ve seen on the high street!