Lima Lima’s modern and bold statement earrings, pendants and rings are inspired by the work of 20th century artists. 

The brand was founded by designer Rhi Hart in 2017. Rhi had became hooked on jewellery making after taking two basic courses in silversmithing at her local college. She had studied surface pattern design at university, so it felt natural to combine that expertise with her new-found passion.

She continued her quest for knowledge using books and YouTube tutorials to teach herself the art of metalsmithing. After a year of practice, and many trial runs she produced a small collection. A professional photographer friend helped with her imagery – something she believes kick-started her rise to success. 

Rhi quit her “very dull banking job”, and decided to put all her efforts into creating a brand. She found the first few months terrifying, worried that she might not sell a single piece, but just over a year later she has her work stocked in almost twenty stockists across the UK, has designed a range of jewellery exclusively for Oxfam, and garnered lots of positive press coverage.

Rhi creates from a workspace at home in Swansea. She uses only eco recycled silver and brass sourced from local UK manufacturers if she can. She recycles packaging wherever possible and has swapped many silversmithing chemicals for non-toxic versions.

Her design process starts with a theme that “becomes an obsession”. One collection resulted from a fixation on Henri Matisse’s paper cut-outs. She sketches her designs, then cuts out paper shapes, which she arranges and plays with until she’s satisfied with how they look. 

Her first collection was cut by hand, but Rhi found she couldn’t keep up with demand. She didn’t want to increase her price point so now laser cuts some pieces with a fibre laser – more energy efficient than a traditional one – then finishes by hand. She explains; “So far this is working very well, as it means I can create intricate designs but not charge an arm and leg for them” she says. She powder coats some of her styles in-house – another skill she has taught herself.

With designs this innovative and beautiful we expect Rhi to soar.