Mondocubo is the brainchild of Italian couple Paolo Picone and Rossella Flammia who create wonderful concrete stud earrings and cube pendants. The star of their collection is a modular necklace featuring eleven different-sized concrete cubes which can be arranged onto a stainless steel wire in a variety of combinations. 

Paolo and Rossella met while studying architecture at the Faculty of Architecture in Naples.  After graduating in 2009 they moved to Berlin, a city bursting at the seams with creativity, and here the duo worked with many artists and art collectives; researched materials and techniques; and developed their skills and their own style of product design. 

Mondocubo was launched in 2012, and now runs from a studio based in the European Creative Center of Berlin.   This area, by lake Weissensee, is home to the historical architecture – in particular the modernist work of Bruno Taut and Mies Van Der Rohe – which influences their work. 

The Ortogonale concrete jewellery collection was introduced in 2015.  Paolo and Rossella have taken concrete – a material not typically used for aesthetic purposes – and adapted it to jewellery design.  The results are stunning.  In their hands concrete becomes a beautiful material.  Its neutral colour, matte finish, and longevity brings a whole new edge to any look. 

Each piece is cast and made by hand, finished and wax sealed.  This, together with the natural characteristics of the concrete itself, result in subtle variations in colour, texture and shape.  But these inconsistencies add character; each earring and necklace is slightly different to the next.