MVOS is designer Mischa Vos, who makes intriguingly simple bracelets 3D printed in grey and black which are, quite literally, timeless. 

Mischa graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhovenin 1996, and now works from a studio in Amsterdam where he not only makes jewellery but also lighting, furniture and toys. 

Mischa was inspired to make his signature watch-bracelet by the number of people who have foregone watches and now use their smartphones to tell the time.  The death of timepieces worn on the wrist means the death of what used to be a commonplace piece of jewellery.  Mischa designed The Timeless Bracelet – a 3D printed interpretation of the classic watch shape – to fill this void. He says, “It serves to highlight the passing of time. What’s ‘missing’ in this design sets the tone for what is actually there’.

Mischa’s work is characterised by this obsession with a language of forms, and says, “In my process of design I relate parts that lead to an eventual form. This process of relating produces subtle designs because of their simplicity and transparency. On the one hand parts need each other, while at the other hand a different layer is being opened up by a funquestioning of the functionality of existing products. Sometimes this process leads to an engagement of an almost cartoon-like nature.” 

We love the sly humour and subtle comments on today’s tech-obsessed society found in Mischa’s work. Expect more from this clever, aesthetically bright designer.