Husband and wife team Emma and Rob Orchardson, aka One We Made Earlier, create necklaces that are playful, bold and minimal.  Their signature geometric designs are known for their bold combinations of materials, such as rope with corian, cork, resin and wooden shapes, are dynamic and built to last forever.

Emma and Rob met at art college in Scotland and moved to London to pursue their studies at Goldsmiths.  They worked individually in the field of art and design until One We Made Earlier was born, through a desire to bring together a shared aesthetic and common ideas.  Rob continues to practice as a contemporary artist alongside his jewellery design work.

They have two young daughters, Elsa and Lily, and work from a studio a short walk from their home in south east London - a space with big windows, filled with woodworking tools and equipment, fascinating materials and colourful necklaces.  “The girls enjoy building our tube packaging - I am longing for the day when they can help with the sanding too,” Emma says.

Emma and Rob’s key design influences include the Memphis Group, Bauhaus and Constructivism.  The duo are “playful and experimental” in their design process.  If they find a new finish they like, Rob cuts it into various shapes and they play around with different combinations of form, surface and texture until something “works well for both of us”.  Often one design emerges organically from another.

They work with a limited palette of unexpected materials. Corian (most commonly used in kitchen worktops) features heavily, together with cork, rope, wooden shapes and shiny resin balls (some of which are sourced from a manufacturer of pool table balls).

The pair cut shapes, drill holes, and sand each piece’s edges, then thread them onto rope and seal.

Emma and Rob’s striking pieces provoke conversation.  Balanced and minimal geometric designs, they stand out in a crowd.