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Little Karma Co. 'Up Yours Corona' Candle


Want to add some extra get-up-and-glow to your gift? Add in a Little Karma Co candle with an ‘Up Yours Corona’ message; so on-brand for 2021! 

Choose from four signature scents:

Kefi | Invigorating rosemary + spearmint | This bright and warm scent promotes focus and creativity, with notes of mint and botanicals. Contains rosemary, spearmint, lemon, black pepper, basil, cedarwood and lemongrass pure essential oils.

Luna | Calming lavender + patchouli | Relax after a long day with this warm and sweet candle with floral and herbal undertones. Contains lavender, patchouli, clary sage, geranium and sweet orange pure essential oils.

Nom | Uplifting lemongrass + ginger | Indulge in a fusion of delicious Asian cuisine. This warming candle smells spicy yet fresh, with citrus undertones. Contains lemongrass, ginger, patchouli, lime, coriander and rosewood pure essential oils.

Sol | Energising eucalyptus + lime | Start your day the right way with this fresh and zingy scent. Contains eucalyptus, lime, grapefruit, lemon, cedarwood and thyme pure essential oils.

Candles are 100% natural and lovingly handcrafted using pure essential oils. Each comes in an amber apothecary style jar with an iridescent label for a subtle shimmer. 

85g mini candle (120ml jar), burn time 24 hours

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