Spanish jewellery designer Patricia Nicolás makes accessories.  We have selected her rings and earrings featuring quirky white daisies, bumble bees and a bright green, Pablo Picasso-inspired eye.  Her pieces are big and bold but easy to wear.

Patricia comes from a family of fine jewellery designers, the Nicols of Madrid. Her father is a jeweller, her mother is a fashion designer, and her grandmother was a painter, so growing up she was surrounded by creativity.  She came to the UK to study at Central Saint Martins in London, and set up her brand after graduating in 2006.  After spending ten years in London Patricia now divides her time between London and Madrid. 

Although clearly influenced by her father’s work, Patricia’s concept and approach is very different in her use of mixed, inexpensive materials – acrylic, perspex, resin, wood, and gold plating.  Patricia’s motto is to “have fun in everything you do!” and her abstract designs combine fashion with art.

So cutting-edge is she, that the National Portrait Gallery commissioned her to create a collection to accompany their exhibition of Picasso’s portraits which ran from October 2016 to February 2017.  British Vogue appointed her to create a collection for their #Vogue100 exhibition last year, and this year she is designing a group of pieces to accompany the exhibitions of artists Howard Hodking, Gillian Wearing and Claude Cahun.

Patricia cites London as an inspiration – the people, the music and the events. “British style is all about taking risks, ignoring conservatism and embracing expression” she says.  Spanish culture and Frida Kahlo are also constant influences “I can imagine Frida wearing my jewellery designs,” she muses.  Her daisy designs were influenced by nature, insects and 1960s fashion.

Patricia’s design process is to draw then move to Adobe Illustrator.  Everything is laser cut in-house in Madrid, where a team of two help create her designs.

Patricia Nicolás enjoys what she does and this is reflected in her fun, risk-taking jewellery.