Pop Cutie is a line of cute, on-trend, Japanese culture-inspired accessories created by Danish designer Cecilie Lindemose.  We stock their quirky necklaces, rings and earrings but they also have a line of stationery.  Think brightly coloured unicorns, butterflies, birds, rainbows, shooting stars and clouds.

Cecilie Lindemose graduated in fashion design and worked as a sales agent in Denmark for Sanrio's Hello Kitty and other similar Japanese brands.  She recognised a gap in the market for eye-catching products for girls who had outgrown “sweet” toys but still wanted to be surrounded by all things cute and loveable.

In 2008 she spent six months in Santa Monica, California, networking with “leading cuteness talents and gathering inspiration for my own cuteness designs”.  She launched Pope Cutie in London in 2012.

Cecile handmakes or assembles her jewellery with the help of three to five part-time students in her studio in Berlin.  She develops new collections every month – some become permanent classics and others remain as desirable limited editions.

Her designs and characters are inspired by Japanese pop culture, fused with Scandinavian simplicity.  Cecilie has collaborated with Japanese brands such as Iwako, famous for their adorable, highly detailed Japanese erasers. 

Cecilie Lindemose initially targeted her designs at girls aged 8 to 14 years, but we think they work for everyone who is drawn to quirky Japanese vibes and wants to stand out.  Being different is always on-trend!