Vicky Myatt is the creative force behind Promises Promises.  She juxtaposes contrasting materals – industrial metal (copper, brass and stainless steel), acrylic, and wood – with two-tone Jesmonite (a composite stone similar to concrete), to create original earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets.

Vicky studied fashion design, then spent eight years at Emmy London, making bespoke luxury shoes. Vicky worked as part of a duo with founder Emmy Scarterfield, to help create a hugely successful international brand.  Vicky’s time there gave her the experience and confidence to set up her own company.

She started part-time, sticking to a material she was familiar with, making jewellery out of leather while taking evening classes to develop her metalworking skills.  Promises Promises was born in 2014.

Initially Vicky crafted at home but soon found she needed some separation.  She says: “What I do is quite messy so my house constantly looked like a jewellery-making explosion had taken place”.  She now shares a studio in an old warehouse in Hackney Wick – a small attic room infused with great natural light.  She lives nearby and cycles through Hackney Marshes and along the canal to work.

Instinctively drawn to the natural world, Vicky takes inspiration from everyday observation, and she revels in contrasts: the industrial fringes of London bordering the natural beauty of the Essex coastline;  a Victorian nature illustration book which fired a fascination with moths, the disparity of their beautiful wing patterns and overall “alien” look; a Dutch geometry book about naturally-occurring simple shapes and structures that provoked an interest in cell structures and the skeletons of buildings, complicated webs underneath relatively smooth external surfaces. 

Russian artist Kazimir Malevich also inspired Vicky’s techniques.  His graduated use of colour prompted her to experiment with a two-tone stone; and his “Architektons” (plaster blocks arranged in complex layered skyscraper-like combinations) led her to layer materials.

Vicky researches her topics, produces an image board, and starts sketching.  She highlights the importance of being critical of one’s own work and accepting that not every sketch will be a masterpiece.  “That fear of the first blank page…I always have to kiss a few frogs idea-wise before they start looking good,” she says.  When it does feel right, she “gets a sparkly feeling” and knows she’s on the right track.

She laser cuts metals, acrylic and wood – what she refers to as the “geometric strong bones” of her pieces - to produce precise graphic industrial shapes; the Jesmonite stone is hand-dyed, cast and sanded to create a two-tone “ombre” effect, designed to look like marble.  The materials are then layered upon each other and finished.

Promises Promises jewellery is unusual, fascinating and timeless.