Wildthings Collectables

Gold Yin Yang Coin Ring


The yin-yang symbol design of this ring embodies the Chinese Tao philosophy of the balance between dark and light; the female yin perfectly completing the male yang. It’s a perfect fit for  Wildthings Collectables’ rock-and-roll-with-a-hint-of-mysticism vibe; this is all about having balance in your life, whether that’s between working and partying, the ups and the downs, or the tug between good and wicked. This design stands alone as a high-shine statement piece, but is also part of the Wildthings Collectables  collection; designs that work beautifully when layered; pick-and-mix those that perfectly reflect your personality and wear them according to your mood. Handmade in Bali. In gold and silver.  Matching hoop and stud earrings and pendant available.

18k gold plated brass

Hoop diameter 12mm, charm 8mm


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