Sara Chyan jewellery is designed by Chinese student Chan Ho Yan Sara.  She creates copper earrings and rings plus intricate silver flower earrings and rings.

Sara graduated with a BA in Visual Arts in Hong Kong and is now studying for a MA in jewellery and metal at the Royal College of Art in London.  The brand name uses the first letters of her name: “C" of Chan + "H" of Ho + Yan = Chyan,

Sara draws inspiration from the human body and the world around us.  Her ear cuff reflects the search for a balancing point in our bodies, how equilibrium is interrupted if there is a shift in power on one side; the cracks in her copper earrings symbolise the uncertainty in life; her flower designs capture a plant in blossom.

Sara loves flowers and examines those that have fallen off trees.  Her designs feature an interactive flower that rotates around its core, involving the wearer in the physical properties of the object. 

Sara doesn’t sketch her designs, preferring to dive right in.  “I love exploring materials with my hands, I learn from trial and error and keep going until I’m satisfied,” Sara says.  Using the skills of a traditional silversmith, she crafts with raw materials, hammering, soldering and polishing – a true precious metal worker.